Work from various campaigns for Summa Health.
Advertising Agency: Doner, Southfield, Michigan, USA. Creative Director: Randy Belcher & Paul Forsyth, Creative Director/Copywriter: Kevin Floyd, Art Director Cade Buckus. Image retouching credit: Retouching department of Doner. All Stutterstock, Offset, and iStock images should be given appropriate accreditation. Animation credit: (Howard St 3rd FL New York, NY 10013 USA)
Work from "SumTotalCare" campaign
"Health QB" TV spot
"The Whole You" TV spot
Work from "Health-O-Ween" campaign
Work from "Get Winterized" and "New Year, New You" campaigns
Brochure Design (front and back, in that order)
Summa Health and Akron RubberDucks sponsorship idea come to life.
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