Hi, I'm Cade.
Creative Problem Solver, Brand Specialist, Art Director, Etc.
I've been obsessed with creating ever since I could hold a pen. I grew up filling notepad after notepad with all my doodles. In school, I'd constantly get written up for doodling all over my worksheet margins; I swear, I was still listening. Mostly. So whether it was drawing, painting, or building weird inventions from household objects, I was always most fulfilled when I was being creative. Fast forward many years later - I did the art school thing, got my BFA, then I went out into the world, and landed my first design job. 12+ years of professional agency/studio experience later... I'm still doodling, but now I don't get in trouble for it.
I'm currently working as a Freelancer with a focus in Visual Identity, Creative Direction, and Illustration. But I enjoy other stuff as well. Stuff like: advertising, content ideation, creative advice, copywriting, naming, story-boarding, photography, retouching, video direction, set design, print design, interior design, packaging, animation, hand-lettering, etc. Basically, if it's something creative or involves some sort of creative problem solving, chances are, I'll take a swing at it.
If you have a new business, a restaurant, a service, play in a band, or have any other ideas, get in touch with me. Together, we'll bring some impactful and attention-grabbing ideas to life.

Click that little mail button down there. Or send me a carrier pigeon.
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