Hi, my name is Cade and I've been obsessed with creating things ever since I was a young kid. I grew up filling notepad after notepad with doodles and always getting in trouble in class for doodling away in the worksheet margins. And if there was a group project, you'd best believe I'd be the one that led the charge and handled all the creative parts. As much as I wanted to run from it at times and pursue something more lucrative, I guess my true calling has always been pretty clear. I thrive most when I'm creating something.
Currently, I'm working as a freelance graphic designer focused on visual identity, branding, and illustration. But I'm also passionate about lots of other avenues of creativity. I also enjoy writing, directing, story-boarding, thinking up new inventions, mood-boarding, providing creative suggestions and feedback for your work, you name it. Basically, I just enjoy the opportunity to be creative and offer insightful and clever ideas into whatever is put in front of me. So if you have a dream, and need a creative partner to help make it the best it can be, I'd love to help!
Maybe you need some album art, or a podcast title. Maybe you're short film or video could use some creative input. Did you start a new business? Invent a new gadget? Open a restaurant? Finally started doing stand-up and need a flyer for your next set? Whether you've had a business for years, or just getting started with a passion project, it's important to take into consideration how you and your business stand out.
Sure, your cousin's nephew's step brother is great and all. But aren't you ready for some work with a little more impact? Get in touch with me. Let's make impactful, attention-grabbing work that communicates clearly and above all else, looks professional.
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